Henry I.

Bobette Fleishman is a highly experienced attorney. She is highly respected by other attorneys. I've even seen high-end family law attorneys refer clients to her. Her knowledge of family law spans all financial issues including tax law as well as complex custody issues. Her style and calm demeanor in the face of brutal litigation allow her to quell the fire and reach resolution. Family law is sadly full of emotional issues but Ms. Fleishman is an excellent listener, coach and advisor.

Linette T.

I hear many divorce experiences and most think they've had "the worst" experience. I truly have had an extreme challenge on my hands, however. I was only married 2 years and 6 months. Nearly 3 years deep in to divorce is when I hired Kristina Kell, August 2017, as I needed someone to finish it once and for all. Kristina is high in integrity, is no-nonsense, knows the laws and how and where to apply them, processes all paperwork on time even if it's a rush, she takes the time to know my case (and it is CHALLENGING), she remembers details and applies them in court when possible and she fights for what I want and need. Most importantly, she is there when I need her - always timely replies and I feel protected. From August 2017 to January 2018, I entirely attribute Kristina's professional involvement in my case to FINALLY having success and resolve! I have absolutely no regrets for every cent I have paid her, as she has fully earned it.

Shaun R.

I retained Bobette Fleishman and her team knowing that I had to be prepared for a custody fight. I needed someone with experience in my corner and although she wasn't the least expensive choice she definitely had the experience, education and certifications to make her the logical choice. That choice ultimately saved me a lot of money in the long run...

Steve F.

Bobette and her staff are very professional. Her no - nonsense approach was time and cost effective. She truncated the duration of my dissolution by this fact (and I feel her reputation as being such an attorney played a measurable part). My legal bills were less than expected and I feel I got more for my money - and value is always appreciated in any purchase. My opinion is based upon my experience with lawyers, which is unfortunately necessary in my career. Finally, Bobette was the second attorney I used and she finished the job!

John B.

Kristina Kell, rode the drama train with me kept me calm and prepared. She kept me from adding too much drama to my divorce. She is my advocate. She watched over me legally. She was able to help me "pick my battles" and not spend time and money that didn't need to. She is extremely professional, but has a big heart. That really connected to me. I would recommend her and her firm to anyone who find themselves in a family law nightmare.

Kelly R.

The best thing about Kristina is the lack of BS. She patiently listened to my circumstance, asked a bunch of custody questions and then told me what she thought she thought she could get and what she couldn't. She also told me how much it was going to cost. I ended up getting almost exactly the child support and custody she predicted and the price was under her quote. I've referred 3 others who got favorable results. She's fair, honest and reasonable. Recommend.

Anne Y.

I went through a three year long divorce, and I always felt as though Bobette Fleishman and her staff had my best interest in mind.

Dan S.

Bobette, along with her gracious and helpful team, helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She has a tremendous ability to ignore the little things, and focus on the big picture. She really helped me and my children keep a positive attitude!

Colleen C.

The entire staff has been completely professional. As for Bobette, she is the bomb, I would refer Bobette to anyone experiencing difficulty in their marriage. Although, my hope is that I do not have to. However, truth be told the possibility is definitely high. Sad to say! Bobette, was available when needed, compassionate, and a beautiful lady inside and out. I feel privileged to have met her in spite of circumstances. She is a true warrior for her clients.

Barbara M.

Your team is amazing! I had a lawyer who didn't believe in my case he wouldn't peruse my case, but you guys did and we prevailed! You all made me feel very welcome and it was like talking to family! Thanks again for all you did!

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